Registration Complete

Thank you for registering for an account to use the CAHMI’s Cycle of Engagement Tools.

Step 1: Confirm the primary account holder and identify others who should have account privileges

Primary account holders are responsible for receiving family data and agreeing to terms of use

Before you start the COE registration process you need to decide who the primary account holder should be. Primary account holders will be responsible for receiving the Clinical Summaries and Well Visit Guides produced when families complete the Well Visit Planner (WVP) as well as for receiving the Promoting Healthy Development Survey (PHDS) Aggregate Quality Reports. They will also agree to the terms of use (Use Agreement and Privacy Notice). Families proactively agree to have WVP results shared with the account holder, who is named in the account holders customized WVP website welcome message.

Primary account holders can be providers or any person or organization families agree to partner with

Typically the account holder will be the child health professional who conducts well visits with children and families. However, others who support families can use the COE model and tools as well (e.g., family support specialists, home visitors, community health workers, early care/education professionals, etc.). A clinic or organization can also be a primary account holder as long as they assume responsibility for receiving family data and families agree to share data.

Primary account holders can give access privileges to others

Primary account holders can give privileges to others they wish to manage their COE account and WVP and Online PHDS use portals, including accessing and using Clinical Summaries, changing customizations, using implementation support resources, etc. Individuals with access privileges must create their own username and password and verify their account as well.