Privacy Notice


This Cycle of Engagement website was developed and is maintained by the Center for the Advancement of Innovative Health Practices DBA Child and Adolescent Health Measurement Initiative (“CAHMI” or “we” or “us”). This Privacy Notice describes the information we process to support the Cycle of Engagement (“COE”) website, which includes the Well Visit Planner (“WVP”) and Online Promoting Healthy Development Survey (“PHDS”) Use Portals and CARE_PATH for Kids (“CPK”) website.

How information is used

The information gathered on the website is used by two groups of people:

  1. Providers, practices and organizations (collectively “Providers” or “you”) who maintain account with the COE can create unique URLs that lead to customized versions of the WVP and Online PHDS. Providers can share the unique URL with families/individuals who are the Provider’s patients/recipients of care. Providers can also add specific resources and links to their customized WVP and Online PHDS pages. Providers with COE accounts can generate an aggregated summary report of the Online PHDS findings. This report presents information to Providers that can be utilized by the Provider in making care decisions to improve quality of care. Providers with COE accounts can also customize the WVP and request three identifiable pieces of information from the families they serve: child(ren)’s first and last name initials (middle initial optional), month and year of birth, and a special keyword. This information allows the provider and family to identify the Visit Guide and prepare and optimize the visit with the family. Identifiable information is not required from families; any shared identifiable information is encrypted and stored on our HIPAA compliant servers.
  1. CAHMI may use de-identified aggregate findings from the WVP and Online PHDS Family Websites for research purposes.

Purposes of Use for Personal Data:

In addition to the uses described above, we may use your personal data for specific purposes, as outlined below.

  • User Experience: We are dedicated to optimizing your data for your experience and use. We use information you share to provide resources, offer customizations, and improve your experience with the COE.
  • Tool Support and Improvement: We use your data to drive improvements, resulting in better performance and enhancements. This data helps us identify issues and make necessary updates to improve the COE tools for our users.
  • Research & Innovation: When you choose to share feedback with us on the COE or any COE tools, we use your data to understand what COE tool users want and guide our development efforts. This data allows us to detect usage trends and gain real-world feedback on what features and services our users need.
  • Child Health and Health Care Outcomes Improvement: The COE website stores both identified and de-identified information related to child’s health and quality of health care services that are provided by users of the COE. Given the identifiers that are stored, we are unable to personally identify any users of the COE Family Websites. We de-identify this information and use it for research purposes.

Managing Your Data

CAHMI recognizes that your personal data as well as the data collected from families you serve belongs to you. We are committed to giving you control and genuine choice about how your data is used. We strive to be transparent about our data usage and provide you with the information you need to make informed choices.

If you choose to download or print your aggregate PHDS feedback report, any Visit Guides that may be stored on your WVP Use Portal, or an aggregate WVP report, CAHMI will not be liable for any actions related to your choice to disseminate, distribute, copy or rely upon the aggregate feedback report or print portions of an aggregate PHDS feedback report, any Visit Guides, or an aggregate WVP report with your name or any information contained in any such data.

Data Minimization and Retention:

We will keep personal data for no longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected and then we will securely delete or destroy it.

How your information is protected and secure

Data Security of Provider Data

 The information gathered from you is confidential. The email address that you use for registering an account or provide within either the WVP or Online PHDS Use Portal will not be shared with any third parties, nor will your email address be sold or used for purposes other than for us to share educational resources or sending updates about the COE. If you no longer wish to receive resources or updates, you can unsubscribe at any time.

Data Security of Family Data

The information gathered about the users (e.g. caregivers/parents of children you serve) that you invite to use your COE Family Websites is confidential. We do not save any personal health information and we may share patient’s individual information with you as the Provider.

Providers who have an account with the COE and have enabled use of the WVP Family Website can request for completed Visit Guides with or without minimal identifiers to be stored on their WVP Use Portal. Depending on customization choices made through the WVP Use Portal and use of the WVP Family Website, we may collect and save two pieces of identifiable information, termed a child-specific special code. This information is encrypted and stored in a manner consistent with HIPAA and does not allow us to plausibly identify users. Details of information collected to generate the child-specific special code are below.

  • The WVP does not ask the name of the child or caregiver/parent. Instead, a special code is generated to help providers discern the child a Visit Guide belongs to. The special code is made up of four data points, collected from the caregiver/parent by provider’s customized, secure WVP Family Website. These are:

(a) date caregiver/parent completed the WVP on your WVP Family Website

(b) child’s first, middle (optional) and last name initials,

(c) month and year of child’s birth (not the day), and

(d) a special keyword selected by the caregiver/parent (like a favorite animal, food, toy or color).

Each data point is separately encrypted in CAHMI’s HIPAA compliant, secure WVP website database using highest standards of data security. Even if this information were accessed, it is implausible it could be used by anyone other than the provider and caregiver/parent to identify the child. For additional information on data security of family data collected from the COE Family Websites, please contact the CAHMI at

Providers who have an account with the COE and have enabled to use the Online PHDS Use Portal can generate summary reports of aggregated findings based on parents’ responses on the Online PHDS parent tool, specific to their practice or organization. Providers will not know what the parents’ individual responses are nor be able to identify who completed the Online PHDS.

Managing Your Personal Data

You are solely responsible for all activity on or related to your account, your customized content, and for the security of your computer, mobile device, and any other device that you use to access the website. You should not reveal your account password to other users or permit others to access your account.  All acts performed using your account shall be deemed to be your acts.  You shall promptly notify us of any changes to your account information or if such information has been disclosed to a third party in violation of this Privacy Notice.  You shall solely be responsible for any harm or liability that arises from any improper third-party disclosure and/or use (including unauthorized third-party use) of your account.  If there is a risk of your account being improperly used by a third party, you shall promptly take all reasonable measures to limit such use, including, without limitation by changing your password and notifying the CAHMI. Under no circumstances shall CAHMI be liable to you for any loss you incur, from your loss of any account information, unauthorized access or use of your account and/or from harmful or malicious code.

In no event shall CAHMI or any of its directors, officers, employees, agents, affiliates, or content or service providers be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, exemplary or punitive damages arising from or directly or indirectly related to the use of, or the inability to use, the website or the content, materials and functions related thereto, including, without limitation, loss of revenue, or anticipated profits or lost business or lost sales, even if such entity has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

How to contact CAHMI with any questions

If you have any questions about CAHMI, the Cycle of Engagement, Well Visit Planner, Online Promoting Healthy Development Survey or any other tools and features, you can contact us online at