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  • Optimize a pre-visit planning approach so you save time during well visits while meeting national Bright Futures Guidelines
  • Streamline data sharing and collaborations with partners who also support your families
  • Connect with community and local resources
  • Continuously improve your practice and services by tracking quality measures

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Interested in learning more about the CAHMI’s CARE_PATH for Kids shared care planning model and tools? Visit

Promoting positive health and flourishing of children, youth, and families is our greatest public health need and opportunity! Trusting relationships, personalized care, reliable and comprehensive data and ongoing engagement of families and communities is required.

This is the goal of the CAHMI’s Cycle of Engagement model and tools.

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Read our two-page overview on the Early Childhood Cycle of Engagement!

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See a recent national webinar on the CARE_PATH for Kids!

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Watch an overview about the Well Visit Planner!